Black history month

  1. 4. best known for "King of the Blues"
  2. 6. first Black American to earn a PhD from Harvard University,
  3. 8. she refused to give up her bus seat to a white man
  4. 9. minister, a leader in the civil rights movement and a supporter of Black nationalism
  5. 12. the first American slave, the first person of African descent, and only the third colonial American woman to have her work published
  6. 16. a world-famous author best known for her unique and pioneering autobiographical writing style
  7. 17. led an anti-lynching crusade in the United States in the 1890s
  8. 18. enslaved, escaped, and helped others gain their freedom as a “conductor" of the Underground Railroad
  9. 19. wrote I have a dream
  10. 20. one of the most prominent African Americans of his time and well-recognized for his work in plant research
  1. 1. first Black commander of an integrated fighter wing
  2. 2. wrote Their Eyes were Watching God.
  3. 3. founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA
  4. 5. the 1881 founding, and ensuing leadership, of the Tuskegee Normal School for Coloured Youth.
  5. 7. upheld slavery in United States territories, denied the legality of black citizenship in America
  6. 10. the first female African-American secretary of state and the first woman to serve as national security advisor.
  7. 11. chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and secretary of state the first African American to hold either position.
  8. 13. the first African American woman to star in a motion picture
  9. 14. the first African-American president of the United States
  10. 15. wrote 'The Negro Speaks of Rivers'.