Black History Month

  1. 6. Where was the Bus Boycott that sparked the Civil Rights Movement
  2. 9. City the became a focal point of the Civil Rights Movement due to violent confrontations
  3. 11. First African American to win a Grammy
  4. 13. First Female African American self-made millionaire by creating a line of haircare products for African American women
  5. 14. Voter _____ is a term used to describe the practice of denying African Americans the right to vote through discriminatory tactics
  6. 16. First African American to play Major League Baseball
  7. 21. Woman who famously gave up her seat on a segregated bus before Rosa Parks
  8. 22. Dance and Music style that originated in black communities in New Orleans
  1. 1. Youngest African American to win a Nobel Prize, Famous "I Had a Dream" Speech
  2. 2. First Black Supreme Court Justice
  3. 3. Holiday celebrated Dec. 26th that focuses on African Heritage and Cultural Reformation
  4. 4. Music genre emerging in early 20th century combining elements of African and European music traditions
  5. 5. Who was involved in an event that sparked a year-long bus boycott
  6. 7. First African American mayor of Atlanta
  7. 8. ______ Vs. Board of Education declared segregation in public schools unconstitutional
  8. 10. Renowned Black Singer and Pianist who was the first to host a TV show
  9. 12. "King of jazz"
  10. 15. Poet and Activist who wrote "Still I Rise"
  11. 17. In 1974, the Civil Rights Act outlawed rachial ____ in public places
  12. 18. First Black President of the US
  13. 19. First President to recognize Black History Month
  14. 20. Activist and leader of the Nation of Islam advocated for black nationalism and self-defense