Black history month

  1. 2. first colony to ban slavery
  2. 4. what is the main color for black history month
  3. 6. the abolishment of racial segregation
  4. 8. who started black history month
  5. 10. the most important leader of the movement for African-american civil rights in the 19th century
  6. 11. first recorded African child to be born in the colonies
  7. 13. agricultural scientist who promoted alternative crops to cotton and methods to prevent soil depletion
  8. 15. rider were civil rights activists who rode interstate buses to challenge state enforcement
  9. 17. very first African American president
  10. 18. first African American woman to hold a pilot license
  11. 20. which week in the month of February did black history month first start
  1. 1. first African American baseball player to play in the major league
  2. 3. writer and was a pioneer in black and American literature
  3. 5. political activism in the mid 20th century aimed at guaranteeing African Americans legal
  4. 7. African American who was a track and field athlete and set a world record in the long jump
  5. 9. The month at which people celebrate black history month
  6. 12. the act of someone apart from others
  7. 14. reduced to give up her seat on a bus to a white woman
  8. 16. A person who his contribution to the America Civil rights movement
  9. 19. first black woman who became elected to the United state Congress