Black History Month

  1. 2. Who was the first African American to be a licensed chiropractor in Arkansas?
  2. 4. Who opened the first Black-owned interracial hospital?
  3. 7. Who was the first African American psychiatrist?
  4. 8. What NWHSU alumnus currently practices in Woodbury, MN?
  5. 9. What NWHSU alumnus believes in confronting pain and restoring function?
  6. 11. Who was the first black female physician in the United States?
  7. 12. Who was appointed as Surgeon General under Former President Clinton?
  8. 14. Who was the first certified black chiropractor?
  9. 16. Who is one of the founding members of The Interstate Chiropractic Association?
  10. 19. Who was the first and only practicing black chiropractic physician in Toledo, OH for 33 years?
  11. 21. What NWHSU alumnus is from Toronto?
  12. 23. What NWHSU alumnus is an assistant professor in the College of Health & Wellness?
  1. 1. Who founded the American Black Chiropractic Association (ABCA)?
  2. 3. Who was the first African American to be inducted as a Fellow of the International Council of Chiropractors (FICC)?
  3. 5. Who challenged BJ Palmer to accept an African American student into Palmer School?
  4. 6. Who as the first black president of any U.S chiropractic college?
  5. 7. What NWHSU alumnus is a resident in the Human Performance Center?
  6. 10. Who researched chemotherapy drugs that led to remissions in patients with Leukemia and Lymphoma?
  7. 13. Who received the first chiropractic adjustment?
  8. 15. Who was a trained physician and the first black woman astronaut to go into space?
  9. 17. Who did the CCA honor as "Doctor of the Year" in 1969?
  10. 18. Who was one of the first African American faculty at any chiropractic college?
  11. 20. What NWHSU alumnus is the owner of ChiroLife of Omaha?
  12. 22. Who was the first African American doctor with his own practice in the United States?