Black history month crossword puzzle

  1. 4. Famous African American actor who was in jumanji and is also known for their comedy (no spaces)
  2. 5. famous basketball player who played with the Lakers before he died (no spaces)
  3. 6. Blood (color)
  4. 10. The month black history month is celebrated
  5. 12. The theme of black history month 2023 (no spaces)
  6. 13. shared identity (color)
  7. 14. The father of black history month (no spaces)
  8. 16. growth (color)
  9. 17. said the "I have a dream" speech (abbreviation)
  10. 18. The founder of Chicago (no spaces)
  11. 20. The first black president (no spaces)
  1. 1. Black history month was chose to be at this time because of his birthday [only last name] {no spaces}
  2. 2. Women who sued for her freedom and then changed her last name to "freeman" (no spaces)
  3. 3. Famous African American who sung songs like that's what friends are for.
  4. 7. The women who refused to get out of her seat before Rosa Parks (no spaces)
  5. 8. Carter G Woodson got his doctorate from what college?
  6. 9. Famous African american who is very well known for her talk show (no spaces)
  7. 11. prosperity (color)
  8. 15. The separation of people depending on their skin color
  9. 19. the people who pick the theme of black history month.(Abbreviation)