Black History Month

  1. 3. active protests where individuals sat inside of places that were segregated against blacks
  2. 4. activist who believed in achieving rights for blacks "by any means necessary"
  3. 5. a group of individuals who work for the advancement of colored people
  4. 8. a radical change brought about through endurance of a process
  5. 9. traditional songs used in Praise and Worship
  6. 12. first African American president
  7. 13. a group of active men and women who openly supported black rights
  8. 14. those who helped slaves escape to freedom
  9. 15. holiday celebrating when slaves were pronounced free by Union soldiers in 1863
  10. 17. notable poet; arose during the Harlem Renaissance
  11. 19. liberation
  12. 20. a musical culture that created new language, clothing, and ideas through rhymes and rhythms
  13. 21. practice that used to segregate blacks in the United States
  14. 23. individual human rights due to all
  1. 1. first African American woman to actively refuse secondary treatment on a segregated bus system
  2. 2. freedom from enslavement
  3. 6. term used to identify the essence of black culture
  4. 7. the combining of people, places, or things into one
  5. 10. taught equality; taught through the "I Have a Dream" speech
  6. 11. genre of music that emerged during the roaring twenties featuring strong instrumental pieces
  7. 16. to actively stop the use of or participation of something to bring about change
  8. 18. field work many freed slaves did post emancipation
  9. 21. equal treatment or grounds of action
  10. 22. African instrument used traditionally to imitate a heart beat
  11. 24. acronym for historically black institutions of higher learning