Black History Month

  1. 3. Born a slave and advocated for women equality."Ain't I a Woman" speech.
  2. 4. First black man allowed to play in the MLB.
  3. 5. First African American woman in space.
  4. 9. American scientist who used the peanut to develop hundreds of products.
  5. 12. First person to patent a traffic signal.
  6. 13. First African-American justice of the US Supreme Court.
  7. 16. A slave who sued for his freedom in court. Led to Civil War.
  8. 17. First African American elected to the US Congress.
  9. 18. Founded the Tuskegee Institute.
  10. 19. Helped hundred of slaves flee to the north via the Undergroud Railroad.
  1. 1. Founder of NAACP, wanted equal rights for blacks.
  2. 2. Aboltionist and writer of The North Star.
  3. 5. Gave famous "I have a dream" speech. Was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee.
  4. 6. First African American president.
  5. 7. Founded the settlement that would become Chicago.
  6. 8. Voice of Darth Vader and famous actor.
  7. 10. A great composer and pianist.
  8. 11. Refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man.
  9. 14. Great jazz trumpet player, composer, and singer. Sang "scat"
  10. 15. One of the world's greatest track and field athletes.