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  1. 2. It helps us to smell things.
  2. 4. Shorter then fingers,it is on our foots.
  3. 6. The part in the middle of your arm,where it bends.
  4. 10. It helps us to walk,run,jump and move around.Between foot and knee.
  5. 11. Lowest part of our face,under the mouth.
  6. 12. Hairy things which are upper our eyes.
  7. 13. It can be long or short,straight or curly,blonde or black.
  8. 14. The upper part of the humans body.
  9. 16. Part of the body between the shoulder and hand.
  1. 1. The end part of the leg, on which a person stands or moves.
  2. 3. It helps us to see the world in different colors.
  3. 5. Part of your body between your neck and top of your arms.
  4. 7. It helps to turn around our head.
  5. 8. Long thin parts at the end of each hand.
  6. 9. The place where your leg bends.
  7. 13. The end part of the arm.
  8. 15. It helps us to hear each other.
  9. 17. With this part of the body you can breath,eat,talk and drink.