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  1. 2. the part around the middle of your body where you wear a belt
  2. 6. the bottom part of your face, below your mouth
  3. 7. one of the two organs on your head that you hear with
  4. 9. the part of your face between your eyes and your hair
  5. 13. in your mouth that you use for biting and crushing food
  6. 15. the middle part of your leg where it bends
  7. 16. a small, dark mark on the skin
  1. 1. the top part of your leg above your knee
  2. 3. the soft thing inside your mouth
  3. 4. where your arm joins your body next to your neck
  4. 5. the back of your leg below your knee
  5. 8. under your shoulder
  6. 10. one of the two organs in your face, which you use to see with
  7. 11. the soft part of your face below your eye
  8. 12. the part of your leg that is just above your foot
  9. 14. the short, thick finger