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body coordination

  1. 2. the part of the neurone that contains the necleus
  2. 5. the nerve pathway operating in a reflex action
  3. 10. the electrical message carried by a nerve cell
  4. 12. chemical substances that act as messengers in the body
  5. 15. the molecule that is going to be changed by a chemical reaction
  6. 21. a nerve fiber that sends nerve impulses away from the cell body
  7. 22. organelles where cellular respiration occurs
  8. 24. endocrine glands situated on the kideys
  9. 25. quick,automatic actions that protect the body from danger, they are also know as reflexes
  10. 26. all the endocrine glands of the body
  11. 27. special cells that detect stimuli
  12. 29. a nerve cell
  13. 30. muscles or glands that put the messages into effect
  1. 1. the lower half of the brain stem
  2. 3. the nerve that carries messages to the brain from the retina at the back of the eye
  3. 4. the movement of particles of a substance from an are of high concentration to an area of low concentration
  4. 6. any factor that stimulates a receptor and brigs about a response
  5. 7. the insulating layer that covers a neurone
  6. 8. glands that produce hormones
  7. 9. nerve cells that carry messages from cells in the sense organs to the CNS
  8. 11. an organic catalyst
  9. 13. the endocrine gland that controls the activities of other endocrine glands; it is often called the 'master gland'
  10. 14. a chemical message released at the end of an axon to be received by the next neurone's dendrites
  11. 16. the cels on which a hormone acts
  12. 17. the chemical store of glucose in the liver and muscles
  13. 18. part of the brain where the spinal cord enters the skull
  14. 19. a hormone that has the opposite effect to insulin; it releases glucose from stores in the liver and muscles
  15. 20. branches from the cell body the receive messages from other neurones
  16. 23. the organelle where proteins are manufactured
  17. 28. the space between two neurones