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Body Organization

  1. 2. Biological units of all known living organisms.
  2. 9. Produce and delivers sperm.
  3. 10. Are found in the wall of the stomach.
  4. 12. Pair of reproductive glands in women.
  5. 13. The fluid that circulates in the principal vascular of your body.
  6. 15. Breathing organs in air-breathing vertebrates.
  7. 17. What works with the skeletal system that helps you move.
  8. 18. Organs That work together.
  9. 22. Two or more tissues working together.
  10. 23. Breaks down the food you eat into nutrients that you body can absorb.
  11. 24. Recieve and sends electrical messages throughout your body.
  12. 26. Lines the stomach.
  13. 27. Removes wastes from the blood and regulates your body's fluids.
  14. 28. Your bones provide a frame that protect your body parts.
  1. 1. Collection of glands that produces hormones that regulate metabolism.
  2. 3. The way your body adapt to something.
  3. 4. Break up stomach contents.
  4. 5. Produce eggs and nourishes and proects the fetus.
  5. 6. Picks up oxigen from the lungs and carries the oxygen to cells in your body.
  6. 7. The whole physical structure that forms a person or animal.
  7. 8. Your lungs absorb oxygen and realease carbone dioxide.
  8. 11. Submicroscopic agents that infects living organisms.
  9. 14. A group of cells that works together.
  10. 15. Returns leaked fluids to blood vessels and hel get rid of bacteria and viruses.
  11. 16. Any substance that plants or animals need in order to live.
  12. 19. What form the skeletal system of you body.
  13. 20. Blood vessels get rid of.
  14. 21. Muscular organ that pumps blood into the arteries.
  15. 25. A chemical that is found in the air.
  16. 28. The membranes tissue forming the external covering of a person.