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Body Parts

  1. 3. part of the body that's on top of your neck
  2. 5. ___ pit (joint where the arm connects to the shoulder)
  3. 6. Part of the body just above hips.
  4. 8. The little hole in in the center of a person's belly
  5. 10. the lower part of the leg below the ankle
  6. 12. Sometimes called bottom or behind.
  7. 16. is the back part of the foot below the ankle.
  8. 17. Is between the wrist and elbow.
  9. 19. part of the leg between the hip and the knee
  10. 20. the organ in your body that cleans your blood and produces bile a liquid that helps your body process fat
  11. 22. from the waist to the top of the leg.
  12. 23. one of the two organs in your body that clean your blood and remove waste
  13. 27. one of the two organs in your chest that fill with air when you breathe
  14. 28. connects the head to the body.
  15. 29. the part of your face above your mouth that you use for smelling and breathing.
  16. 30. is between the forearm and the upper arm
  1. 1. where the bottom of the foot curves.
  2. 2. is just above the hips
  3. 4. muscle at the back of the lower leg
  4. 7. is used for digesting food.
  5. 9. connects the foot to the leg
  6. 11. the inside part of your hand, between your fingers and your wrist
  7. 13. one of the hard white objects inside your mouth that you use for biting and for chewing food
  8. 14. connects the to arm and to the base of the neck
  9. 15. above the thigh on either side of the body
  10. 16. grown on top of the head.
  11. 18. is the below the neck and above the stomach.
  12. 21. on each side of the head and used for hearing.
  13. 24. The padded portion foot between the toes and the arch
  14. 25. front of the leg below the knee
  15. 26. connects the lower and upper leg.
  16. 31. is rear surface of the body from the shoulders to the hips.