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body systems

  1. 2. an organic catalyst
  2. 4. part of the brain that controls conscious thoughts, controls the movement of every body part, and receives sensory messages from each body part
  3. 6. the system in your body that fights infection
  4. 7. the common name for hormone epinephrine
  5. 8. anything that causes our body to stop working properly
  6. 11. a substance that kills bacteria or prevents the growth of bacteria
  7. 17. special cells that detect stimuli
  8. 20. a hormone that controls the amount of urine produced by the body
  9. 21. the cell that viruses have invaded
  10. 23. very easy to spread; used to describe a disease
  11. 25. endocrine glands situated on the kidneys
  12. 28. able to maintain the temperature in the body
  13. 29. a nerve cell
  14. 30. the lower half of the brain stem
  1. 1. the chemical store for glucose in the liver and muscles
  2. 3. a type of white blood cell that consumes pathogens
  3. 5. a disease that can be spread
  4. 9. the space between two neurons
  5. 10. a portion of the brain the constantly checks the internal environment of the body
  6. 12. a viral disease; symptoms include a rash of small, itchy blisters
  7. 13. a chemical that kills fungi
  8. 14. a chemical that causes your body to react as if it had encountered a pathogen
  9. 15. a single cell with a tough skin that fungi use to soread
  10. 16. an infectious disease spread through contaminated water
  11. 18. an organism that causes disease
  12. 19. a substance that speeds up the rate of a reaction without being used up in the process
  13. 22. a fungal infection in the skin, hair or nails; often called ringworms
  14. 24. an infectious disease caused by plasmodium
  15. 26. a nerve fibre that sends nerve impulses away from the cell body
  16. 27. part of the brain that is responsible for coordination and balance