Book Categories

  1. 3. Books that provide factual information, often based on real events or subjects.
  2. 4. Books where the author tells their own life story.
  3. 6. Books set in futuristic or speculative worlds, often involving advanced technology.
  4. 8. Books characterized by suspense, tension, and gripping plot twists.
  5. 11. Books set in magical or otherworldly realms, often involving mythical creatures.
  6. 12. Books that involve exciting journeys and experiences.
  7. 15. Books that blend fictional characters with real historical events.
  8. 16. Books that aim to entertain through humor and comedic situations.
  9. 18. Books that involve solving a puzzle or crime, keeping readers guessing.
  10. 19. Books with recipes and culinary tips for cooking enthusiasts.
  1. 1. Books that tell the life story of a real person.
  2. 2. Books that focus on romantic relationships and emotional connections.
  3. 5. Books filled with lyrical and expressive language often organized in verses.
  4. 7. Books that offer information and narratives about places and cultures.
  5. 9. Books designed to elicit fear, often featuring supernatural or suspenseful elements.
  6. 10. Books offering advice and guidance for personal improvement.
  7. 13. Books that tell imaginative stories, often created from the author's imagination.
  8. 14. Books written as scripts or plays, often intended for performance.
  9. 17. Books used for quick access to information, facts, or details.