1. 3. Who is the oldest boy in the Swiss Family Robinson
  2. 6. In 20,000 leagues under the sea what is the Captain's name
  3. 7. Who is the main character in the Alchemist
  4. 10. What story is the queen of hearts from
  5. 11. In little women Jo is short for what name
  6. 12. In The Wizard Of Oz what is the girls name
  7. 14. In the little Prince what is the thing with only three thorns
  8. 15. In the book A Little Princess what is here dolls name
  1. 1. Who is the main character in the last Olympian
  2. 2. In this book the main character's are four kids in Narnia
  3. 4. In the jungle book who is hunting Mowgli
  4. 5. Who is the main character in the sorcerer's stone
  5. 8. In Charlotte's Web what is the pig's name
  6. 9. In Treasure Island who is the little boy
  7. 13. In Pinocchio why does his nose grow in the book