1. 5. a book with a cover made of thick paper
  2. 7. so exciting book that you do not want to stop reading it
  3. 9. a book that has an exciting story, often about solving a crime
  4. 10. involved with judging other people’s morals and telling them how to behave
  5. 11. the narrow strip where the cover of a book is joined to the pages, usually with the title and writer's name printed on it
  6. 12. an extremely eager or interested reader
  7. 13. an empty page at the beginning or end of a book next to the cover
  1. 1. shocking and morally unacceptable
  2. 2. an interesting or exciting book that holds your attention completely
  3. 3. Kind of a book which causes disagreement or discussion
  4. 4. a book whose slightly damaged appearance shows that it has been used many times.
  5. 6. books about imaginary characters and events, produced in large quantities and intended to be read by many people but not considered to be of very good quality
  6. 8. a magazine or newspaper, especially on a serious subject, that is published regularly
  7. 11. to read or consider something quickly in order to understand the main points, without studying it in detail