1. 1. Diary of a ___ Kid. A book about a middle schooler who tries to impress people but always fails.
  2. 3. Calvin and ___, a comic book about a 1st grader who "catches" a tiger and then lives with it.
  3. 4. The ___ side is a book of a bunch of ironic comics written by Gary Larsen.
  4. 10. A fat cat who has a yellow puppy he likes to kick off of the table.
  5. 11. Charlie and the ___ Factory. A book about a kid who won a golden ticket with his grandpa.
  6. 12. Poor Richard's ___ was written by Benjamin Franklin.
  7. 13. Way of the ___ Kid. An inspirational book written by an ex-Navy SEAL.
  8. 14. ___ and the Giant Peach. A book about a boy who gets trapped inside of a peach.
  1. 2. A book given to you by the school with all of the year's highlights and pictures.
  2. 3. ___ Games. A book about a forced fight to the death between districts.
  3. 5. Harry ___, a magical boy raised by an unfair family.
  4. 6. A book with the definition of all words imaginable.
  5. 7. A religious book written by Jesus Christ.
  6. 8. Sherlock ___. A detective who repeatedly solves cases with his partner Watson.
  7. 9. Big ___. A big-ego sixth grader who loves comics and sports but hates school.