1. 5. a series of events that form the story
  2. 6. a person who enjoys reading and spends a lot of time reading
  3. 8. complete or full; “I finished the ____ book.”
  4. 9. a person in a book
  5. 10. a character who does horrible things
  6. 11. a piece of writing that may be performed on stage; often known as a play, it tells a tale almost entirely through dialogue (what the characters say)
  1. 1. written stories about made-up characters and events
  2. 2. the outer part of a book
  3. 3. a space where books are offered for use or borrowing
  4. 4. a piece of furniture having shelves for storing books
  5. 5. making a book available to the public
  6. 7. a book that outlines a crime and the investigation procedure