1. 2. one of the hard parts of a body that give it shape
  2. 4. to hold the weight of; to offer help or comfort to
  3. 8. not straight, even, smooth, or following a normal pattern
  4. 9. the partner of an animal with which it produces young
  5. 10. a specific period of time in the growth or development
  6. 11. the larva of a butterfly or moth
  7. 12. a part of the body where two bones connect or fit together
  1. 1. the framework of bones and cartilage that supports and protects the body of a human or other vertebrate
  2. 3. cycle the stages of change that an organism goes through during its life
  3. 5. an immature insect in the stage between a larva and an adult
  4. 6. to guard or defend from harm or danger
  5. 7. an insect with four wings that is often bright in color