1. 3. The name of a book
  2. 4. To produce a book or a story and sell it to people
  3. 6. The first part of an event or a story
  4. 7. The person who wrote a book
  5. 8. The last part of a story
  6. 10. A story based on facts, real events and real people’s experiences
  7. 11. A person or an animal in a book, story
  8. 12. A novel that focuses on love or a relationship between two people
  1. 1. A story that is about exciting or dangerous sutuations and events that usually happens in exotic locations
  2. 2. An exciting story that in which a person investigates a crime and finds a person responsible for it
  3. 4. A form of literature that uses beautiful words and sounds and has a specific rhythm
  4. 5. A story which includes robots, time machines, space travel and life on other planets
  5. 9. A story that contains some themes, pictures or situations which make a reader feel scared or shocked