1. 5. A book that lists the names, addresses and telephone numbers of a specific group of persons, companies, organisations, or publications.
  2. 7. Public records or historical documents, or the place where these records or documents are kept.
  3. 8. A law that protects intellectual property from misuse by other individuals
  4. 11. An exaggerated statement
  5. 13. Handwritten or typewritten copies of an author's work before the work is published.
  6. 16. A brief description of a text
  7. 17. A short description
  8. 18. A listing of all the materials a library owns
  1. 1. A reference source containing information on a variety of topics
  2. 2. A very famous playwright
  3. 3. A collection of stories, plays, or poems.
  4. 4. A list of works written on a particular subject or by a particular author
  5. 6. Author of Famous Five
  6. 9. The series of events which form the story of a novel
  7. 10. A list of words that are applicable to a specific subject area
  8. 12. A person who works in or is in charge of a library
  9. 14. Writer of a book
  10. 15. one part of a complete set of books