1. 3. She is the main character in the book A Little Princess.
  2. 5. The much loved bedtime story says goodnight to this object in the night sky.
  3. 8. This is the 2nd most popular Dr. Seuss book with over 7 million copies sold
  4. 9. You don't want to get on the bad side of this nanny. She's scarier in the books that she is on screen.
  5. 12. This picture book series follows a Rottweiler named ________ as he and his toddler friend go on adventures
  6. 16. This is the first adjective that Alexander uses to describe his day
  7. 19. the color of the eggs and ham in Dr. Seuss best selling book.
  8. 20. This book was written by Dr. Seuss to discuss environmental issues. The main character is a fuzzy orange fella.
  9. 21. The first name of the children's poet who penned the poems in Where The Sidewalk Ends
  10. 22. Ferdinand is this particular kind of animal
  1. 1. Book series by Marc Brown about an aardvark
  2. 2. The name of the famous writing spider who saves Wilbur the pig
  3. 4. "If You Give A Mouse A _______" is a cause and effect book
  4. 6. Mike Mulligan's digging machine is powered by this in the book Mike Mulligan's ______ Shovel
  5. 7. This bear is originally from Peru and wears a blue jacket
  6. 10. She has red hair that sticks out in two braids, and wears mismatched socks all the time.
  7. 11. This series by mo williams has books like Don't Let (this animal) Drive The Bus
  8. 13. The first line of this story goes "In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines lived twelve little girls in two straight lines."
  9. 14. This kooky housekeeper does exactly what you tell her to do
  10. 15. When they get tired of being used or forgotten these art tools write letters telling Duncan they quit
  11. 17. ______________ and Toad: two inseparable friends keep each other company during adventures.
  12. 18. This is the main character and mischief maker in Where the Wild Things Are