1. 3. It's a special piece of writing that expresses emotion and beauty. It's a book with emotional sentences by poets.
  2. 7. It's a book about deep thoughts about life and the world. It allows me to think about the meaning and value of life.
  3. 8. It's a novel that tells a variety of travel stories. It's fun to get to know other countries and cultures
  4. 11. It's a book with a variety of cooking recipes and cooking methods. It will help you make delicious food.
  5. 12. It's a book with information and tips on various travel destinations. It will help you plan your trip.
  1. 1. It's a book that teaches you about science. It includes descriptions of natural phenomena and experiments.
  2. 2. It's a book with a scary story. You can feel the tension with stories involving ghosts or monsters.
  3. 4. It's a book that tells stories about past events and characters. You can learn about historical events.
  4. 5. It's a book that deals with basic knowledge and problems in mathematics. It helps you understand numbers and formulas.
  5. 6. It's a book of magic and adventure. It's a story of love, courage, and hope.
  6. 9. It's a book with an interesting story. You can experience the adventures and emotions of the main characters together.
  7. 10. It's a book that tells a story through pictures and dialogue. A variety of characters and interesting stories await.