1. 4. A long work of fiction, usually in prose form, that tells a story and explores characters, settings, and events in depth.
  2. 5. A reference book that lists words alphabetically and provides definitions, spellings, and other language information.
  3. 8. A written account of someone's life, usually written by another person and covering various aspects of their personal and professional experiences.
  4. 10. A written account of a person's own life, in which they reflect on their experiences, memories, and achievements.
  5. 13. Prose writing that presents factual information or discusses real events, ideas, or people.
  6. 15. Book A book that tells a story primarily through illustrations, often aimed at young children.
  7. 16. A personal narrative that focuses on specific experiences, memories, or periods in the author's life.
  1. 1. Book A book that provides information or specific facts on a particular subject, often used for consultation or research purposes.
  2. 2. A personal record of thoughts, experiences, or observations, often written on a regular basis.
  3. 3. A comprehensive reference work that provides information and explanations on various subjects or branches of knowledge.
  4. 6. A book used as a standard source of information and instruction in a particular subject or field, often used in educational settings.
  5. 7. A book containing a collection of stories, often intended for children and accompanied by illustrations.
  6. 9. A periodical publication that contains articles, stories, photographs, and other written or visual content.
  7. 11. Literary work in which language is used for its aesthetic qualities, rhythm, and emotional expression, often employing metrical and imaginative techniques.
  8. 12. A collection of printed or written pages bound together, typically with a cover, containing stories, information, or pictures.
  9. 14. Imaginative or invented stories, often characterized by elements of creativity, imagination, and narrative.