1. 3. A place where books are kept and can be borrowed or read.
  2. 6. A group of books that are related and have the same characters or setting.
  3. 8. A section or division of a book, usually containing a specific part of the story.
  4. 11. Books that are about real people, places, events, or topics.
  5. 12. The artist who creates pictures and drawings to accompany a book.
  6. 13. The front of a book that protects the pages and often has a picture or title on it.
  7. 14. A fictional or non-fictional narrative that is written down and tells about a series of events or characters.
  8. 15. Books that involve exciting and daring experiences or quests.
  1. 1. Book Books that contain a lot of illustrations or pictures along with the text.
  2. 2. The sheets of paper in a book, usually with words or illustrations on them.
  3. 4. The people, animals, or creatures that are part of the story in a book.
  4. 5. Books that are made up or imaginary, not based on real events or people.
  5. 7. The category or type of book, such as adventure, mystery, or fantasy.
  6. 9. The person who writes a book or story.
  7. 10. The sequence of events that make up a story, including the beginning, middle, and end.
  8. 14. The time and place where a story takes place.