1. 5. A periodical publication with articles, stories, and pictures
  2. 6. A long fictional story with complex characters and plot
  3. 8. A reference book with information on various topics
  4. 10. book A book with illustrations accompanying the text
  5. 11. tale A magical story often featuring mythical creatures and happy endings
  6. 12. An exciting journey or experience
  7. 13. fiction Stories based on futuristic scientific or technological concepts
  8. 15. A story with an unknown solution or secret
  1. 1. A book about a person's life and achievements
  2. 2. Written works with artistic language and rhythm
  3. 3. A short story with a moral lesson, often involving animals
  4. 4. Books that provide factual information or real-life stories
  5. 7. Imaginary elements, often set in magical or mythical worlds
  6. 9. A narrative about characters and events
  7. 14. A book with illustrated panels and dialogue