1. 2. One side of a leaf of paper in a book, magazine, or other printed material.
  2. 4. Books that provide factual information or knowledge about real people, places, events, or topics.
  3. 7. A fictional or true narrative that typically includes a plot, characters, and events.
  4. 9. Stories or books that are not true or based on real events, often involving imaginary characters and events.
  5. 10. A main division of a book, typically with a number or title, that is a part of the overall story or information being presented.
  6. 11. A person who reads books and enjoys the stories, knowledge, or entertainment they provide.
  7. 13. The outermost part of a book that protects the pages and often displays the title and author's name.
  1. 1. A horizontal board or platform used for storing books, typically attached to a wall or inside a bookcase.
  2. 3. A place where books are kept and made available for people to borrow and read.
  3. 5. A person who writes books or other written works.
  4. 6. A book or set of books containing information about many different subjects or a particular branch of knowledge.
  5. 8. The name of a book, usually printed on the cover and indicating its content or subject.
  6. 12. A written or printed work consisting of pages bound together, typically containing stories, information, or images.