1. 3. Book A book that combines illustrations and text to tell a story, often aimed at younger readers.
  2. 6. Fiction A genre of fiction that explores imaginative and futuristic concepts, often based on scientific or technological advancements.
  3. 8. An exciting and daring experience, often involving a quest or journey, depicted in a book.
  4. 10. A book that tells the true story of a person's life, providing insights into their achievements and experiences.
  5. 12. Tale A traditional story with magical elements and mythical creatures, often featuring princes, princesses, and happy endings.
  6. 14. Literary works that express emotions, ideas, or experiences using rhythmic language and often featuring imaginative and figurative language.
  1. 1. Books that present factual information or real events, providing knowledge and insights about the world.
  2. 2. A narrative account of events or experiences, often fictional, that entertains and teaches lessons.
  3. 4. A reference book that provides information on various subjects, arranged alphabetically or thematically.
  4. 5. A long fictional story that explores characters, settings, and plots in depth.
  5. 7. A genre of fiction that includes magical or supernatural elements, often set in imaginary worlds.
  6. 9. A story or novel that involves solving a puzzle or uncovering secrets through clues and suspense.
  7. 11. A personal record of thoughts, experiences, and reflections, often written daily.
  8. 13. Book A book or magazine that uses sequential art, often with speech bubbles, to tell a story.