1. 2. A book that lists and defines words in alphabetical order
  2. 5. A book that presents factual information about real things
  3. 10. A book written by a person about their own life
  4. 11. A collection of poems or verses expressing emotions or ideas
  5. 12. A reference book that provides information on various topics
  6. 13. A longer book divided into chapters, usually for older readers
  7. 14. A collection of pages with stories, information, or pictures
  8. 15. A book used to find information or answer questions
  1. 1. A book with an exciting and thrilling journey or quest
  2. 3. A book with illustrations or pictures that accompany the text
  3. 4. A book that tells the story of someone's life
  4. 6. A book containing various short stories or fairy tales
  5. 7. A story with magical elements, often featuring princesses or animals
  6. 8. A book with a story told through a series of illustrated panels
  7. 9. A long fictional story with characters and a plot