1. 1. A book with illustrated panels and speech bubbles.
  2. 4. A genre of books with magical or imaginary elements.
  3. 6. A long work of fiction that tells a complete story.
  4. 7. An imaginative narrative about characters and events.
  5. 8. Books that provide information and facts about real subjects.
  6. 10. The person who writes a book.
  7. 11. A group of books that follow the same characters or theme.
  8. 13. A place where books are kept and can be borrowed.
  9. 14. An illustration or drawing that helps us understand the story.
  10. 15. A section of a book that tells part of the story.
  11. 16. A story with suspense and clues to solve.
  1. 2. A person, animal, or creature in a book.
  2. 3. A book that gives definitions and explanations of words.
  3. 4. tale A story with magical creatures, usually with a moral lesson.
  4. 5. An exciting journey or experience in a book.
  5. 7. fiction Books that imagine future worlds and advanced technology.
  6. 9. Writing that uses rhythm and vivid language to express emotions.
  7. 12. A book that tells the life story of a real person.