1. 2. A section or division of a book, often numbered.
  2. 6. The name of a book, usually displayed on its cover.
  3. 7. The person who writes and creates the book.
  4. 9. A reference book that provides information on various topics.
  5. 11. The sequence of events that make up the story.
  6. 13. A picture or drawing that helps explain the story.
  1. 1. A person or animal portrayed in the story.
  2. 3. Imaginative and made-up stories that are not real.
  3. 4. A category or type of books, such as mystery or adventure.
  4. 5. A fictional or non-fictional narrative in a book.
  5. 8. One side of a leaf in a book, usually with text or illustrations.
  6. 10. A place where books and other materials are available for borrowing.
  7. 12. The outer part of a book that protects the pages inside.