1. 2. The sequence of events that make up a story.
  2. 4. A type of literature that presents factual information.
  3. 5. A strip of paper or other material used to mark a place in a book.
  4. 6. A section of a book that is usually numbered or titled.
  5. 10. A flat, horizontal surface used for storing books.
  6. 11. A narrative that describes a series of events or experiences.
  7. 13. The outer protective layer of a book.
  8. 15. A person, animal, or figure in a story.
  1. 1. A type of literature that is not based on real events or people.
  2. 3. A place where books and other materials are stored for reading.
  3. 7. The person who writes a book.
  4. 8. The name of a book, often printed on its cover.
  5. 9. The person who creates drawings or images for a book.
  6. 12. A written or printed work with pages that provide information or stories.
  7. 14. A single side of a sheet of paper in a book.