1. 3. Roar Witness the courage of a young adventurer facing mythical dragons.
  2. 6. Guardians Encounter friendly ghosts on a spine-tingling, ghost-hunting mission.
  3. 8. Explorers Blast off on an interstellar journey with these young heroes.
  4. 9. Squad Team up with a group of kids who discover their extraordinary powers.
  5. 11. Secrets Uncover secrets under the starlit sky in this captivating story.
  6. 13. Travelers Explore different eras with a group of time-traveling friends.
  7. 14. Jamboree Dance through the jungle with a group of animal friends in this lively tale.
  8. 15. Discovery Join a group of young explorers on a prehistoric adventure.
  1. 1. Revolution A futuristic tale where kids lead a rebellion against robots.
  2. 2. Plunder Join a swashbuckling crew on a treasure hunt across the seas.
  3. 4. Mirror Reflect on a magical journey through a mysterious enchanted mirror.
  4. 5. Manor Join the adventure in this mysterious tale full of twists.
  5. 7. for Atlantis Embark on a thrilling quest to discover the lost city of Atlantis.
  6. 10. Forest Dive into a magical world where woodland wonders come to life.
  7. 12. Wonders Fall down the rabbit hole and explore the wonders of a whimsical world.