1. 2. Legacy Set sail on a thrilling pirate adventure across the high seas.
  2. 4. Jubilee Dance through the jungle with a lively group of animal companions.
  3. 11. Quest Join young explorers on a cosmic adventure beyond the stars.
  4. 13. Alliance Team up with young heroes discovering their extraordinary powers.
  5. 14. Join a resistance against machines in a futuristic revolution.
  6. 15. Odyssey Travel through time with a group of friends on an epic odyssey.
  1. 1. Secrets Uncover mysterious secrets hidden in the depths of the universe.
  2. 3. Valor Experience the courage of a young hero facing legendary dragons.
  3. 5. Chronicles Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment and fantastical tales.
  4. 6. Whimsy Fall into a whimsical wonderland and explore its magical mysteries.
  5. 7. Adventures Embark on a magical journey filled with wonders and whimsy.
  6. 8. of Magic Reflect on a magical journey through a mystical enchanted mirror.
  7. 9. Discovery Embark on an exciting exploration filled with prehistoric wonders.
  8. 10. for Harmony Follow the quest for peace and balance in a magical realm.
  9. 12. Guardians Encounter friendly ghosts in a heartwarming ghost-hunting story.