1. 2. Stories like The Three Little Pigs, Cinderella and Hansel and Gretel
  2. 5. Inside a book, the person who talks to the reader
  3. 8. A long, made-up story book—maybe 100 or even 700 pages long.
  4. 9. The name of a book
  5. 10. One of the people in a story
  6. 12. The kinds of books that tell real information.
  1. 1. One part of a book that is a few pages long
  2. 3. The kind of story that people act out on a stage
  3. 4. One side of one piece of paper in a book
  4. 6. The period of time and place where the story takes place is the
  5. 7. The kinds of books that tell imaginary stories. LITERATURE
  6. 11. The real person who writes a book