Books, books, books...

  1. 2. In "The Wave" the students learn the slogan "Winners need______"
  2. 4. a book about someone's life
  3. 6. a person guiding a group, for example in a political party.
  4. 8. a traditional scottish skirt for men
  5. 10. a long piece of fiction
  6. 11. In "The Wave" there is a ___________ in the auditorium to see the leader.
  1. 1. everybody is treated the same way and have the same opportunities.
  2. 3. being better than everybody else.
  3. 5. a person that watches over somebody else, for example in prison.
  4. 7. a book you use for looking up unknown words.
  5. 9. a text written to be performed on stage.