1. 4. words that tell you what someone or something is like
  2. 8. a simple picture showing what something looks like or explaining how something works
  3. 9. a book that tells a story about people and things that are not real
  4. 11. literature and stories about imaginary people or events
  5. 13. the last part of a story
  6. 14. a person in a book, film, etc.
  7. 17. something changed from one language to another
  8. 18. fiction stories about life in the future or in other parts of the universe
  9. 21. a piece of writing, especially one that has short lines and uses words that sound the same
  1. 1. story a kind of story which shocks or frightens people
  2. 2. the main person in a story
  3. 3. a group of books or TV programmes that have the same main characters or are about the same subject
  4. 5. story a story which has been told by people for many years
  5. 6. books containing facts or true stories
  6. 7. interesting and different from others
  7. 10. the start of something
  8. 12. the story of a person’s life written by another person
  9. 15. a book or film with an exciting story, often about crime
  10. 16. a piece of writing in a newspaper that gives an opinion about a new book, film, etc.
  11. 19. the outer part of a book, magazine, etc. that protects the pages
  12. 20. story a story about people who try to get information secretly