1. 3. This is the person who draws pictures for a story
  2. 7. The first book you could read good about a dancer
  3. 10. A series written by Jordan Quinn
  4. 12. A great place to borrow books for free!
  5. 13. Your favorite Sam book
  6. 14. The main character in Big Apple Barn books
  7. 16. A book written and illustrated by Annabelle Turner
  8. 17. A funny picture book about weird things on Wednesdays
  1. 1. One of your favorite authors, who has books and movies about her characters
  2. 2. An author of many books, ______ Donaldson
  3. 4. The first Max & Ruby you could read
  4. 5. This mouse character has friends named Charley and Cyril
  5. 6. A type of book where you can choose what happens 'Choose You Own ______'
  6. 8. This is the person who writes a story
  7. 9. One of your favorite mini movies that we also have from the library
  8. 11. A blue book about an ocean mammal we have not read yet
  9. 15. You have read a lot of books with these animals in them
  10. 18. A series of books about four friends who love animals