1. 2. You have read a lot of books with these animals in them
  2. 5. The main character in Big Apple Barn books
  3. 7. A series of books about four friends who love animals
  4. 9. A blue book about an ocean mammal we have not read yet
  5. 10. One of your favorite authors, who has books and movies about her characters
  6. 11. An author of many books, ______ Donaldson
  7. 12. A funny picture book about weird things on Wednesdays
  8. 13. The first Max & Ruby you could read
  9. 16. A great place to borrow books for free!
  10. 17. This is the person who writes a story
  11. 18. Your favorite Sam book
  1. 1. One of your favorite mini movies that we also have from the library
  2. 3. This mouse character has friends named Charley and Cyril
  3. 4. A series written by Jordan Quinn
  4. 6. A book written and illustrated by Annabelle Turner
  5. 8. The first book you could read good about a dancer
  6. 14. A type of book where you can choose what happens 'Choose You Own ______'
  7. 15. This is the person who draws pictures for a story