1. 3. Receives memories from an old man; begins to see a "world with color"
  2. 5. What will happen if she leaves? If she loves? if she stays?
  3. 6. 12 poor districts and a wealthy capital that holds a televised event of children killing each other
  4. 7. There is a before and after; written by John Green
  5. 9. Cassette tapes telling why she killed herself and who was responsible
  6. 11. Maycomb County 1930's with many prejudices
  7. 12. A boy wakes up and remembers only his name; he is trapped in a place called the Glade with only boys until a girl comes a delivers a message
  8. 13. It's their second time in the games
  9. 15. Second book in series; there is now a war between the factions
  1. 1. Greasers and socs
  2. 2. Okay...okay
  3. 4. Sophie Foster has a secret, she's a Telepath
  4. 7. A group of British boys stuck on an uninhabited island
  5. 8. Dystopian society divided into five factions
  6. 10. Bilbo Baggins; Middle-earth
  7. 14. Hogwarts