1. 3. A boy wakes up and remembers only his name; he is trapped in a place called the Glade with only boys until a girl comes a delivers a message
  2. 5. There is a before and after; written by John Green
  3. 7. Greasers and socs
  4. 8. Cassette tapes telling why she killed herself and who was responsible
  5. 10. Bilbo Baggins; Middle-earth
  6. 12. A group of British boys stuck on an uninhabited island
  7. 13. It's their second time in the games
  8. 15. Maycomb County 1930's with many prejudices
  1. 1. Dystopian society divided into five factions
  2. 2. Okay...okay
  3. 4. Sophie Foster has a secret, she's a Telepath
  4. 6. Receives memories from an old man; begins to see a "world with color"
  5. 9. 12 poor districts and a wealthy capital that holds a televised event of children killing each other
  6. 11. Second book in series; there is now a war between the factions
  7. 14. Hogwarts
  8. 16. What will happen if she leaves? If she loves? if she stays?