1. 1. It is a book that continues the story that was told in an earlier book.
  2. 2. Many books are divided into them.
  3. 5. A romance, poetry and a detective story are examples of this.
  4. 6. If characters in a book are not interesting at all, they are ..... .
  5. 9. It is a book that is based on facts, so the plot is not imaginary.
  6. 12. If we say that the book is ..... in New York it means that the events take place there.
  7. 13. It is a person who has their nose stuck up in a book all the time. They just can’t stop reading it once they start.
  8. 14. If a book is ..... , you can’t stop reading it. It is a synonym is gripping.
  9. 15. It is a series of three books that have the same subject or the same characters, but each of the books is a complete whole.
  1. 1. If the plot is ..... , it is not deep and interesting.
  2. 2. If we read a book from the beginning to the end we read it from ..... to ..... .
  3. 3. ..... book is a book such as a dictionary and encyclopedia, it contains detailed information about a particular subject.
  4. 4. it is a book about a murder in which at the very end we find out who the murderer is.
  5. 7. It is the main character in a book.
  6. 8. It is a person who writes plays. Shakespeare was this kind of a writer.
  7. 10. It is a long written story about people and events that have been invented by the author.
  8. 11. If a character is so nice that readers identify with them, they are ..... .