1. 1. We say it about a book if the presented events could happen in real life.
  2. 3. The book is a ..... of a romance and a murder mystery.
  3. 5. It is another name for the main character.
  4. 6. The end of a book is like that If we know it before we finish reading.
  5. 8. Many books are divided into these.
  6. 9. We say this about a book that stirs your emotions.
  7. 10. It is a book that makes you laugh.
  8. 12. This is a book that stays in your mind and you can’t stop thinking about it.
  9. 15. This is the story-line in a book.
  10. 16. It is a synonym of very interesting.
  11. 17. We say so if a book is not interesting at all.
  1. 2. This is a book that teaches us some things.
  2. 4. It the dialogues are like that, they are not natural, real characters would never say such things.
  3. 7. This is a book that is difficult to follow and understand.
  4. 11. We say this about a book that is not very profound.
  5. 13. A book has an unexpected ..... when the storyline changes suddenly.
  6. 14. It a book has ..... descriptions they are full of details.