1. 4. Fiction Books set in the past, often featuring real historical events and characters.
  2. 5. A genre of books that might give you nightmares
  3. 7. A genre of books which may include magic, wizards and mythical creatures
  4. 10. The library is organised in this order
  5. 11. Shakespeares most famous heroin
  6. 12. A famous playwright
  1. 1. A book someone has written about their own life
  2. 2. Non-fiction books are ordered in the Dewey ??? System
  3. 3. It is a series of three books that have the same subject or the same characters, but each of the books is a complete whole.
  4. 6. Percy Jackson goes to camp ???
  5. 8. Like a comic book but longer
  6. 9. A book based on imagination