BOStoday March Crossword Puzzle

  1. 3. The historic baseball park that was built by Irish immigrant Charles E. Logue.
  2. 5. The new MBTA dashboard shares details on these areas.
  3. 9. This former mayor of Boston was also known as the Purple Shamrock or Rascal King.
  4. 10. This 80-ft Cambridge walkway is one of two legal spray painting walls in the Bay State.
  1. 1. The museum where an infamous art theft took place on March 18, 1990.
  2. 2. The first man who died in the Boston Massacre and was honored with a Commemoration Day.
  3. 4. The nickname for the neighborhood that hosts the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
  4. 6. The name of the new Back Bay restaurant on the corner of Huntington Avenue and Exeter Street.
  5. 7. This memorial is one of 20 sites on the Irish Heritage Trail, featuring eight narrative plaques about 100,000 refugees who fled to Boston.
  6. 8. One of the three women featured at the Commonwealth Avenue Mall sculptures. Hint: She was born in Weymouth.