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Bull Catcher

  1. 1. Lady that Bull's Grandpa is always with
  2. 6. Name of the town that always beats Shipley for the championship
  3. 8. Coach of the high school baseball team
  4. 9. Main character of the book
  5. 10. Position Bull plays in baseball
  6. 12. Senior All Conference catcher in Shipley
  7. 14. Place where Bull, Jeff, and Billy would always hang out, had a statue of a civil war general on it
  8. 15. Town where Bev and Andy live
  9. 16. School where Jeff goes to play baseball
  10. 19. Boy that pitches for Shipley until he leaves for Vietnam
  11. 21. Lives with Bull in Shipley
  12. 23. Place where Phuong goes to help his dad at his clinic
  13. 25. Place where Bull's mom lives
  1. 2. The game that Bull and Jeff play and love
  2. 3. The unique pitch that Sally throws
  3. 4. Bull's dream girl, she dates Billy then Bull for a while
  4. 5. The only girl pitcher on Shipley's baseball team
  5. 7. Runs Camp Forgotten Pine, gets injured by cutting wood
  6. 11. Place where Bull works the summer of his junior year
  7. 12. Bull and the team ___ the championship again Caledonia his senior year
  8. 13. Bull's best friend, plays shortstop
  9. 17. Town where Bull lives
  10. 18. Bev's brother, Bull screws up his nose in one of their baseball games
  11. 20. The girl Bull has a crush on for a while when he works at Forgotten Pine
  12. 22. Friends with Jeff and Bull, dies in a car accident
  13. 24. Andy's sister, Bull ends up falling in lover with her by the end of the book