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  1. 4. when you run out of stock
  2. 7. mans best friend
  3. 8. a job or task that we pay them to do for us
  4. 9. resources that we make to make your task easier
  5. 10. selling to other countries
  6. 11. the buying of products from another country
  7. 14. the human effort to produce goods
  8. 15. using up of items
  9. 16. an item that we need to survive
  10. 17. to take risks and asses your chances
  11. 20. a person that wants or needs to buy a product from a producer
  1. 1. something we want but don't need to survive
  2. 2. a small section of the market for which a business choose to design it
  3. 3. an activity to produce goods and services
  4. 5. is an amount that of goods or services that the supplier is willing to supply
  5. 6. anything you can use to make things
  6. 12. a business that competes with other places to look more attractive
  7. 13. a natural resource that we use to make something
  8. 18. a person who gets items for people to buy and producers goods and wants for them
  9. 19. price it is a price that buyers a willing to pay