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  1. 3. to offer a particular amount of money for something, for example at an auction (=an event where things are soldto the person who offers the most money)
  2. 4. (of a resource) not yet exploited or used.
  3. 8. (….. artista ) a person who cheats or tricks others by persuading them to believe something that is not true.
  4. 10. (of a plan) to have the opposite result from the one you intended
  5. 11. ( HAVE ……. FINGERS) natural ability in growing plants.
  6. 12. ( THE LAST …….) a difficulty typically minor in itself but coming on top of a series of difficulties, that makes a situation unbearable.
  7. 13. In financial accounting, ….. is any resource owned by the business.
  8. 16. a suggestion that something unpleasant or violent will happen
  9. 18. move (an object) up and down or from side to side with rapid movements.
  10. 19. very eager to please or agree with people who are powerful. Servile
  11. 20. an ordinary job that must be done regularly
  12. 21. (…….. in the market) is an opportunity to make and sell something that is not available yet
  13. 22. extremely happy
  14. 23. ( ……….. business) a well thought out, solidly written business plan
  15. 27. (WORD OF ……….. )describes information that is passed orally from person to person in an informal manner
  16. 29. to improve the quality of something, especially by adding things to it
  17. 30. (TAKE THE …..) To decide to do something new, difficult or risky, especially after thinking about it for some time.
  18. 32. a person that you have met but do not know well
  19. 33. a large organ in he body that cleans the blood and produces bile, or this organ from an animal used as meat
  20. 34. (PAY ……… ) to pay someone their wages and tell them they no longer have a job.
  21. 35. ( ……. A RELATION) to develop a successful relationship, especially in business,
  22. 37. to do something although there is a chance of a bad result
  23. 38. very informal language Used especially by particular groups of people
  24. 40. (……..DRIVER)” a person who makes others work very hard.
  1. 1. (TOE ……. ) A reinforced covering of leather or metal for the toe of a shoe or boot.
  2. 2. practise inorder to prepare for a performance
  3. 3. to improve or increase something
  4. 5. an important piece of information to remember from meeting, presentation etc
  5. 6. to touch something gently, in a way that seems pleasant or romantic
  6. 7. (HAVE A ………..FOR) a natural skill or ability → talent
  7. 9. full of busy activity
  8. 14. ( ON A ………….). With very limited financial means
  9. 15. A …… child is allowed to do what it wants to, , and does not show respect to other people
  10. 16. ( ……. OUT) to happen in a particular way or to have a particular result, especially an unexpected one
  11. 17. passing reasonable bounds; intolerable or shocking
  12. 18. to sit, walk, or stand with your shoulders bent forwards and your headlow so that you look lazy
  13. 24. (ON ....... ) to be working at a particular time, especially when you are doing a job which people take turns to do.
  14. 25. (…….. AND BEAR IT ) accept something unpleasant without complaining
  15. 26. to make an official examination of the accounts of a business andproduce a report
  16. 28. (BUSINESS …….) a new business or business activity, especially one that involves risk
  17. 31. ( GET AN …….. ) When you angrily tell the person what you think.
  18. 36. (……… IT IN FOR SOMEBODY) To persistently criticize, cause harm to, or harass someone.
  19. 39. ( ……..INTO DEBT) To come to be in a position of owing money to someone or something .