1. 3. An agreement with the bank to take out more money than you have
  2. 5. Working more hours and getting paid more for it
  3. 8. A piece of paper that is given to someone with a money value written on it; can be cashed in for that money value
  4. 10. A place where people can save money with out locals(2 words)
  5. 13. Examples of this expenditure include petrol and groceries
  6. 15. An account used just for savings
  7. 16. A sum of money given by a bank but which must be repaid
  8. 19. A sum of money that is given by the government and doesn't have to be repaid
  9. 22. Examples of this expenditure include holidays and Netflix
  10. 24. Older people receive this instead of a wage
  11. 25. Examples of this expenditure include rent and mortgage repayment
  12. 26. An agreement between the bank and the account holder to allow variable (changing) amounts to be taken from the account e.g. paying bills (2 words)
  13. 27. Set amounts of money received at set intervals
  14. 28. An account where people's wages can be paid into and where card payments come out of
  15. 29. A share of company profits that is paid to the shareholders
  16. 31. A card that you can buy things on now and pay for later (2 words)
  17. 35. The best subject in school
  18. 37. A bank operating in Ireland (hint: name of a Provence too) (2 words)
  19. 38. An unemployed person will receive this (2 words)
  20. 39. Buying without planning
  1. 1. A bank operating in Ireland
  2. 2. Water, food etc
  3. 4. The cost of something you did buy (2 words)
  4. 6. rate The quantity of a foreign currency given in exchange for one Euro
  5. 7. The cost of something you didn't buy (2 words)
  6. 9. An instruction to the bank to pay a fixed amount from an account at regular intervals (2 words)
  7. 11. Parents of children under 18 receive this once a month (2 words) to pay for things for thins
  8. 12. The part of a person's income that they do not spend
  9. 14. A reward for working hard
  10. 17. iPhone, FIFA 20, Handbags, Sweets etc
  11. 18. Money spent
  12. 20. A place people can put their money (national)
  13. 21. A non-money reward given to employees (3 words)
  14. 23. Buying too much of something and having no money left
  15. 30. Money coming in
  16. 32. A reward given for saving
  17. 33. A place found in most villages where people can save money and exchange currency (2 words)
  18. 34. A unit of ownership of a company
  19. 36. A machine that allows you to withdraw cash