1. 1. firms that process and manufacture goods from natural resources
  2. 3. firms whose business activity involves the extraction of natural resources
  3. 5. Has a trunk
  4. 9. a good or service which people would like, but is not essential to living
  5. 10. the production and supply of goods to the final customer involves activities from primary, secondary and tertiary sector businesses
  6. 12. Man's best friend
  7. 13. an economy where the resources are owned and controlled by both the private and the public sectors
  8. 16. an individual who has an idea for a new business and takes the financial risk of starting up and managing it
  9. 17. production is divided into separate tasks and each employee does just one of those tasks
  10. 18. Flying mammal
  11. 20. the benefit that could have been gained from an alternative use of the same resource
  12. 23. non-tangible products
  13. 24. Likes to chase mice
  14. 25. the process of producing goods and services to satisfy consumer demand
  15. 26. the resources needed to produce goods and services: land, labour, capital and enterprise
  16. 27. a newly formed business. They usually start small, but some might grow to become much bigger
  1. 2. tangible products which are sold to the final consumer
  2. 4. the amount a business earns from the sale of its products
  3. 6. firms that supply a service to consumers and other businesses
  4. 7. Large marsupial
  5. 8. a detailed written document outlining the purpose and aims of a business which is often used to persuade lenders or investors to finance a business proposal
  6. 11. unlimited wants cannot be met because there are limited factors of production. This creates scarcity
  7. 14. the part of the economy that is controlled by the state or government
  8. 15. the part of the economy that is owned and controlled by individuals and companies for profit
  9. 19. there are not enough goods and services to meet the wants of the population
  10. 21. a good or service which is essential to living
  11. 22. people and businesses concentrate on what they are best at
  12. 23. physical goods used by other businesses to help produce other goods and services